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Home | Weight Vests | Weighted Vest -40 LB-Black By TKO
Weighted Vest -40 LB-Black By TKO [244WV]
Price: $119.00
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This 40 LB Black Weighted Vest is made of a durable tough synthetic material that has an adjustable quick Velcro closure system allowing for a snug & comfortable fit for any body size. This vest is for the advanced exercise participant or the serious athlete.
The 40 Lb weighted vest may be appropriate for the body builder who has a well developed upper body and core section yet has small or thin legs, especially lower legs.
This vest is also a tool of efficiency as you can do your routine upper body exercises and simultaneously develop your legs. This vest certainly provides enough additional weight to help increasing your balance and coordination. This achievement cannot be over stated because as people as they get older lose their sense of balance and coordination and this can be avoided. Wearing this vest while taking a brisk walk can increase your overall health and fitness. This weighted vest is great when doing exercises such as running, biking, lunges, sit ups, core related exercises, stepper, tread mill, elliptical machine and many more exercises.

Weight Vest Benefits - Cardiovascular
Wearing a weighted vest makes exercises that require you to overcome gravity more demanding, and possibly more effective. By wearing a weight vest, you increase the cardiovascular demands of your workout, even if you run at a slower speed. The increase in cardiovascular intensity can be slight or extreme, depending on the weight of your vest.

Weight Vests Musculoskeletal Benefits
The extra demands placed on your muscles when running in a weight vest can increase lower-body strength and endurance. This will be particularly noticeable when you perform the same runs without your vest. As well as making your muscles stronger, wearing a weighted vest when running will increase the load transmitted through your bones. The extra loading can result in increased bone mass by stimulating cells called osteoblasts to lay down new bone material in response to the demands being placed on your skeleton. This is a significant positive value because our bones need properly applied resistance in order to maintain or increase bone mineral mass. “Use it or lose it” certainly applies to our bones and skeletal structure.

The best way to start training with a weighted vest is to use light weights initially and gradually increase them. If you are new to exercising in a weighted vest, 5 percent of your body weight is an appropriate load. This weighted vest may be an addition to your first vest which is the 10 lb vest offered on this website or the perfect fit for those that are ready and able to adjust to this 20 lb weight vest.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at
916-247-0553 or E Mail us at info@healthnfitness.com
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